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Singer. Songwriter. Songstress.

Stevie Lynne is an award-winning songwriter and music artist based out of St. Augustine, Florida. With a sultry and raw voice that captivates audiences, she provokes a soulful and emotive response. Her music has been spotlighted twice on KSPS PBS with Inland Sessions and Northwest Profiles, featured in the Spokane’s Inlander and Spokesman Review and echoed in the halls of the notorious Bing Crosby Theater. She was awarded Best Performance at the 2021 Inland Northwest CMA Awards, second place in 2019’s Nightlife Northwest Songsmith Challenge and runner up for 2023 Top Female Vocalist at the Northwest CMA Awards.  She has self-produced two albums and four music videos, her most popular of which, We Are the People, has amassed over 40,000 views online. Stevie Lynne’s live performances include her solo act along with her eclectic partnership as Jovie & the HoneyChuckle with her husband Joey Anderson. From soul to pop, blues to rock, her music is a fantastic array of passionate expression. When she is not producing or performing, she works as a registered nurse and has served as an event promoter and assistant producer of Spokane’s Black Diamond Presents concert series and Inland Northwest Songfest, which highlighted the best of the Pacific Northwest.

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